You’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of “porch pirates”, who steal deliveries left at people’s front doors.  Police in Niles are investigating what you might call a “statue stealer.”

Police have posted on their Facebook page a video of someone helping themselves to a decorative wolf statue that was perched near a home’s sidewalk on the 500 block of Summit Ave.

The black and white security video shows a chassis-only Chevy Truck pulling up to the front of the home in the pouring rain just before 5:30 Saturday morning.

A man wearing a knit cap gets out from behind the wheel and lifts the lawn ornament, struggling to get back to the truck and stashing it in the cab before driving away.

The crime took less than a minute to commit.

Police are hoping someone can recognize the man, his clothing, or the truck and contact Detective Craig Aurilio at [email protected] or 330-652-9944 Ext. 2141

Boardman Police are investigating a similar crime committed last Wednesday.

An Indianola Road resident told officers that someone cut the padlock on a chain holding a 300-pound concrete eagle that was near his driveway.

The homeowner says the big custom-made bird is worth about $900.

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