Adoptive parents in the state of Ohio will be eligible to receive up to $20,000 under the Ohio Adoption Grant Program.

On Friday, Governor Mike DeWine signed an executive order to launch the Ohio Adoption Grant Program, which provides up to $20,000 to parents adopting a child. 

Parents who have finalized an adoption since January 1, 2023 can begin applying for the grant today at

"Every child deserves a safe, permanent, loving home," said Governor DeWine. "Whether you're adopting from the foster care system, or through private adoption, the Ohio Adoption Grant will help offset the cost of growing your family."

The Ohio Adoption Grant Program was signed into law by Governor DeWine in January, and provides a grant to parents who adopt children under the age of 18.

The grant includes privately arranged adoptions, as well as adoptions made through a public children services agency, including by foster, kinship and caregivers.  It does not include adoptions made by a step-parent.

The grant program replaces the existing state adoption tax credit and offers three levels of one-time payments:

• $10,000 to anyone, except a stepparent, adopting a youth.

• $15,000 if the parent was a foster caregiver (including kinship caregivers) who cared for the child prior to adoption.

• A $20,000 grant to families that adopt a child with special needs, as determined by a qualified professional.

The grant application can be completed online by going to

Applicants will need two forms of identification and documentation related to the finalization of the adoption, as well as proof of foster and special needs, if applicable.

"This grant will provide needed resources for families looking to grow their family through adoption. Our goal is to make Ohio the best state to start and raise a family," added Governor DeWine.