An Austintown man was sentenced Wednesday after police say he severely burned himself with a homemade firework while in his car.

David Sletvold, 39, was handed three years of probation.

The judge refrained from giving him prison time but that could be imposed if he violates his probation.

Sletvold was indicted back in July 2022 on charges of illegal manufacture or processing of explosives and possession of dangerous explosives.

According to a police report, Sletvold was pulled over for a traffic violation and officers noticed he had severe burns on his face, hands and clothing. They also noticed that his SUV's dashboard and window were covered by black dust and fluid.

Police asked Sletvold what happened and he told them he had created a firework with black powder and a candle wick which exploded when he lit a cigarette.

Reports say a tank of gasoline was also found in the trunk of the car.