It's time to help our local seniors shine.

The Senior Showcase is a newly formed Valley non-profit, showing off the talents of our senior citizens in our community. A talent show event featuring all types of talent will take place on October 14-15, 2023. The show is based on an 'America's Got Talent' format but without judges. Those with any type of talent can audition as soloists, with a group, choir, or even with animals. 

The company gives a platform to those 55 and older to share their musical, dancing, and vocal talents.

A reveal party took place Friday evening at the SCOPE Center in Warren to encourage the community to get involved. Organizers were impressed at the 100+ turnout. 

Senior Showcase is an all-volunteer team offering additional opportunities to help behind the scenes as well. Founder and Organizer Jen Dagati told 21 News she works with senior citizens and sees the need for them to express their talents. 

"Since COVID-19, our seniors aren't getting out enough and they're not shining like they used to," Dagati told 21 News. "They used to be a big part of our communities and now they're not coming out and participating or letting us know what they're all about. There's so much to get to know."

An audition process will take place during the months of June-July prior to the October show. 

"I'm looking at them and I'm thinking, there has to be some great talents in these people because there are in every generation," Dagati said. "This generation gets swept to the side because people don't think they have anything left. But they have so much to give."

The showcase will be held at the Warren Scope Center. Visit their website to donate or audition or email the non-profit at [email protected]  

"We are 'Seniors Got Talent' without the buzzer," Dagati joked. "I see us growing larger, stronger, and more together as a community. Community is so important and that's what we lack. This is bringing us together and we are going to create a great synergy by blasting forward."