A Youngstown woman who left a dog alone to die in an attic while she was out of state for several weeks has been denied early release from jail for a second time. 

Rayne Dunmire, 25, was sentenced to six months in jail, followed by five years probation, in January after Animal Charity agents said she left the dog, along with a reptile, unattended. The dog died and the reptile survived. 

Dunmire had previously asked to be released early in February and was denied then, also. 

In a scathing ruling, Judge Scott Krichbaum wrote that he felt that it would have been appropriate for Dunmire to serve time in the penitentiary, but that he opted for the maximum probation sentence of five years, with the first six months to be spent in the Mahoning county jail, so that she could be monitored and never allowed to own another animal of any kind while she remains on probation .

"At that time, the Court advised the defendant that it is the Court's opinion that a dog is one of God's greatest creations, a special gift, a friend and a living creature that is 100 percent dependent upon its master. The Court told the Defendant that a dog cannot survive without proper care, that it was the defendant's duty to provide such care and that she failed miserably in her duty to care for the dog," Krichbaum wrote in the opinion. 

Dunmire was convicted of cruelty to companion animals, a fifth degree felony.