A 54-year-old Youngstown man is behind bars after an incident from January at Chaney Middle School in Youngstown after a 15-year-old girl recorded an alleged conversation between the child and a sub-contracted teacher's aide.

According to the police reports, Tracey Mitchell was stopped by Ohio State Highway Patrol for suspicion of OVI on May 5, and officers saw Youngstown Police had a warrant for his arrest from an incident at Chaney Middle School on January 9.

Mitchell was arrested on the OVI charges but turned over to Youngstown Police to face charges of importuning and contributing to the delinquency of a minor from January.

Mitchell, who is contracted to help teachers from City Kids Care organization by Youngstown City School District, was arrested and charged after allegedly offering to get a vaporizer pen for a female student.

According to the police report, Mitchell allegedly offered to get the minor the vaporizer for the student on January 6.

On January 9, the report states he observed the girl leaving the restroom and approached the child, and claimed to have the device. The student told Mitchell she had forgotten her phone in the restroom and would be back. The report states the girl recorded the conversation with her cell hidden in her pocket.

The report said officers watched the video and reportedly heard Mitchell asking what he could get in return for purchasing the device for the child.

According to the police report, Mitchell allegedly said to the student, "How about I kidnap you for an hour, and we will go from there." The report also claims that Mitchell asked the girl if she was a virgin.

The girl told police she felt Mitchell wanted sexual favors based on his conversation with her. The girl told police she refused the vaporizer, but the report said that Mitchell said he would give the device to the girl in class "...and we'll work off your payment later."

21 News reached out to City Kids Care, Mitchell's employer at the time of the incident, who said that Mitchell's employment with them was terminated at the time of the incident. Mitchell was a recreational leader for the organization. City Kids Care said, "...We take matters of this nature very seriously, [Mitchell] was then immediately terminated the same day the incident was reported," Missy Robinson with the facility said.  City Kids Care sub-contracts aides for the Youngstown City School district.

21 News reached out to the Youngstown City School District for comment but has not heard back at the time of the publishing of this story.

The bond is set for $35,000 on the importuning charge.

Mitchell is due in court on the OVI charges on May 12 at 9 am, and has a May 15 court date at 9:15 am, both in Youngstown.