Alleged attempts to stop authorities from prosecuting a West Middlesex man accused of committing sex crimes against teenage girls became a family affair, with three relatives joining the suspect in jail, according to the Pennsylvania State Police Mercer Crime Unit.

The case centers around 23-year-old Shane Slicker who is being held in the Mercer County Jail for trial on ten charges including aggravated indecent assault, criminal solicitation, corruption of minors, and unlawful contact with a minor.  The alleged victims in the case are two fifteen-year-old girls from Greenville.

Police say they monitored Slicker’s phone calls after his arrest and found that he contacted a member of the victim’s family attempting to influence the teen’s testimony in the case.

When the family member stopped taking Slicker’s calls, police say he tried to enlist the help of his parents and brother, asking them to speak to the victims’ family.

According to police, Slicker’s family discussed ways of preventing the victims from attending a court hearing on the case by disabling their car.

In addition, they allegedly planned to retaliate by plotting to get a victim’s family member fired from their job and have them evicted from their home.

Police arrested Slicker’s 47-year-old father Michael; his 45-year-old mother Stephanie White; and his 22-year-old brother Morgan on multiple counts including criminal solicitation, as well as conspiracy to retaliate and intimidate witnesses.

Similar charges were added to Shane Slicker whose bond has now been increased from $75,000 to $250,000.

The bond for each parent is $100,000, while brother Morgan had bond set at $30,000.

As of Friday, only Shane Slicker remained jailed.