During the Friday afternoon press conference, city officials spoke about the shooting death of a thirteen-year-old girl on the city's Southside.

Youngstown Carl Chief Davis called out the concern of what he said was a 13 -year-old who was out at 12:30 am with what he called  irresponsible adults partying in the streets. 

Lt. Mohammad Awad said the victim was 13-year London Jones, and this was a common occurrence and went on to say that any charges against the parents are still being looked at.

She was a student in the Liberty School District.

Mayor Tito  Brown asked that the family have time to grieve properly. 

According to police, the teen was shot on the 400 block of Carroll Street at around 12:30 a.m. Friday. 

Lt. Awad said that Shamara Green, 29, was a family friend of the victim's mother. She was booked into the county jail Friday on and charged with the murder.

Police responded to a call of shots fired after a fight broke out on the street.

The victim was taken to Mercy Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The 911 audio shares some insight of what happened at the scene. One caller told the 911 operator he heard three shots fired and then heard screaming. 

According to one of the witnesses, the suspect's car may have been a white Chrysler.

The distraught 13-year-old victim's mother is also heard pleading with the 911 center with to send help. 

21 News is working to learn more information about the victim and the circumstances that led up to the shooting.

It was just over a month ago that 15-year-old Amya Monserrat was fatally shot while attending a Sweet 16 birthday party at Martha's Boulevard Tavern, two miles away on Southern Boulevard.