A new report shows Ohio is ranked the second-worst in the country when it comes to puppy mills. 

It's called the "Horrible Hundred" for a reason.

The Human Society of the United States released its annual list of the worst breeders. 13 of those are in Ohio. 

The Humane Society said dog owners need to beware and make sure they are not unknowingly contributing to the problem. Those fighting the problem said puppy mill breeders view dogs as commodities, just to make a quick buck before inspections expose them.

"it can be as severe and as tragic as "do-it-yourself" surgical procedures that non-veterinarians non-trained dog breeders are doing," Ohio Director of the Humane Society of the United State, Mark Finneran, said. 

Charities always recommend adopting not shopping, as many shelters are crowded with dogs that need to be rescued. If you do shop, the humane society said not to buy online since that makes it impossible to know if you're supporting the profits of a puppy mill.

"You're going to want to see mom, dad, their vet papers and their rabies shots, where they're having that litter held," Jane MacMurchy with Animal Charity in Board said, "and you want to do all of this before you choose to go with that breeder."

According to the Humane Society of the United States, these are the 13 worst puppy mills in Ohio:

William Mathias, Dover, Ohio

Daniel and James Miller/Happy Mountain K9 Facilities aka Puppies R Us, Loudonville, Ohio

Daniel J. Miller, Holmesville, Ohio

Eli J. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio

James A. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio

Jeremiah Miller/Blossom Ridge Bulldogs, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Andy Nisley/Nunda Valley Kennels, Howard, Ohio

Andy C. Raber/Hill Top Kennel, Baltic, Ohio

Freeman S. Raber/Rebar Puppies, Baltic, Ohio

Kimberly L. Richmond/Richmond Kennel, London, Ohio

David R. Yoder/Waterfall Puppies, Dundee, Ohio

Eli J. Yoder/Meadow Brook Kennel, Baltic, Ohio

Leroy E. Yoder/Mohawk Kennels, Walhonding, Ohio

Finnera said the worst Ohio puppy mills were licensed through the state or USDA and want to see more layers of puppy protection.

"...to make sure these bad actors, these puppy mill operators are not slipping through the cracks," he said.