The Youngstown Lifeguard Academy along with the Youngstown Parks and Recreation Department will be holding its first ever off-site Hiring Day process on Thursday.

The event will be held on Thursday, May 25 at the Academy administrative and program offices training room at 6 West Federal Street on the 9th floor of the Old Chase Building.

Attorney Jerry M Bryan will advise and inform these new and returning seasonal employees of the legal obligations and Sgt. Sharon Cole will speak about pool security and the role of Youngstown Police as partners in assuring a safe swimming session.

The Lifeguard Academy has recently become an affiliate of the National American Red Cross, which will lead new training opportunities to be provided to its members and lead to the academy offering training to the community at little to no cost to them as a service to residents of the Valley.

The Youngstown Lifeguard Academy has been partnered with the Parks and Recreation Department since 2019.