There are hopes the long arm of the law catches whoever is responsible for almost killing a pet cat in Leetonia.
The family talked with 21 News about their traumatic scare after someone used a crossbow to shoot their cat in the head with an arrow or bolt.
A family on High Street in Leetonia wants to know who took aim at their pet cat Sparkles almost ending her life.
"My daughter screamed she said there's something wrong with Sparkles. There's something in her mouth," Joleen Bunner said.
She and the other children wanted their dad to fix it. So they drove to his work for his help.
"I go over and there's an arrow hanging out of its mouth going from its nose going down to its pallet," Brandon Bunner said.
The dad made several phone calls the the mom and kids took their cat to a veterinary hospital in the region.
The family says from there they were told to take Sparkles to a veterinary hospital in Canton.
"It was very scary to see her like that. It was very terrible. I'm sure she was in a lot of pain because of the way the bolt went through the nose and top of her mouth," Catelynn Brown said.
The price of the bill to try and save Sparkles initially was over $1,000 dollars, which they couldn't afford. So the family asked for a less expensive option knowing they had to do what they could to save Sparkles. 
"This cat is our family. I wouldn't want anyone else to go through it. Especially when you have triplets, two older kids and my wife. That's their life," Brandon Bunner emphasized.
If cats have nine lives Sparkles is minus one now, but the family is grateful for the veterinarians and staff who helped pull this arrow or bolt from their cat's head. 
"I've told my daughter and my wife, it's a miracle that she is alive," Brandon Bunner added.
"She's eating soft foods, she has antibiotics, pain meds, and anti-inflammatories," Joleen Bunner said. 
The family can't understand why anyone would be so cruel.
"How could you? How could you?" Joleen Bunner asked. 
"I'm not sure why anyone would be that cruel to an animal because they're defenseless," Catelynn Brown emphasized. 
Their dad is hoping justice will be served.
The Leetonia Police Department and Humane Society are investigating. 
If you have information on the person or persons responsible call Leetonia Police.