It's been several months of Newton Falls relying on the Trumbull County Sheriffs Department since the failure of last years levy.

That levy was needed to keep the village's independent police department after several cuts brought the force down to just a handful of officers.

In a meeting that didn't come without disagreements, people living in the area along with village officials discussed solutions of just how to bring back NFPD.

"We need jobs, we need businesses, well then you better give them good policing," said Sean Housley, Newton Falls Finance Director.

In a town hall lead by Housley, the community spoke on revenue ideas to reintroduce a Newton Falls Police Department.

City officials and residents agreeing the Trumbull County Sheriff's Department isn't an efficient and fast enough way to service Newton Falls.

With the distraction of interruptions, laughs, and comments from passionate residents, the concise agreement is adding a 1% income tax levy to fund the department. The public was concerned they wouldn't get applicants after the former force now works elsewhere. 

"If they decide we're bringing our own police department in, as you suggest, the application period opens on nobody would be excluded," Housley told me crowd. 

Housley believes 1%, which would generate $850 thousand, should be enough to add a police department. Council members like John Baryak question if that's enough.

Mayor Ken Kline mentioned the 1-year contract the village is in with the sheriff's department. He's concerned the annual cost will skyrocket next year because the county knows they're desperate. Discussions continue as time's ticking to get a levy up on the November ballot.

Other options to retrieve the police department include adding in more business, which puts money into a general fund to bring back the force, according to Housley.