A Struthers woman is being held in the Mahoning County jail without bond after police say they found her little boy wandering a neighborhood unsupervised.

Paris Jones, 30, was arrested Monday afternoon for child endangering.

According to police, a person reported seeing a child wandering up and down Sexton Street by himself.

When a police officer found the three-year-old jumping on a trampoline behind a home on Sexton, the child did not answer any of the officer's questions.

The officer says in a report that Jones, the boy's mother, was looking for the child on Sexton Street, which according to police is a busy, high-traffic area.

Jones told police that she had gone to Taco Bell and returned to find her child was gone.

The boy, who according to Jones is autistic and nonverbal, was turned over to a relative by Children's Services.

A court date for Jones is scheduled on Wednesday.