At a time when violence is seemingly at peak heights among youths, one church is taking action.

"We decided no, we have to do something, we're losing this generation," said Priscilla Ringold Co-founder of T.O.R.C.H.

Warren First Church of the Nazarene came up with a three-day conference for youths ages 10 to 18 naming it T.O.R.C.H, which stands for Taking Our Relationship With Christ Higher.

"We know it's going to take God to help these young people turn around," said Ringold. "We're not trying to over spiritualize it but you cannot make changes, good changes, without having God in your life," she said.

They discuss financial literacy, conflict resolution, character building and more at this conference to prepare young ones for the real world.

The youth are a testament to those efforts, as they take the foundation of what they're learning and build on it.

"I have learned stuff, how to push through challenges I face in school or cyberbullying," said Sean Johnson, a 10 year old participant in the conference. "They teach me how God can help me in prayers to push through challenges when I need help," he said.

"This just a place where you can come and you can talk you know and even the teacher that was talking earlier was just saying you know, they're not gonna tell anybody so just feel free to like open up," said Sydney Ringold, a participant in the group.

Priscilla tells 21 News sometimes the youth just needs to see that someone cares about them.

"A lot of them knew, these people are really concerned about us, they really care," said Ringold. "And we call them, we keep in touch with them, it's not just a one time thing," she said.

T.O.R.C.H. also includes support for single parenting homes, preparation for job interviews, college readiness, and basic car maintenance.

Youths from surrounding areas can still join the conference. It runs from June 14 to the 16th 10am-2pm and 7pm nightly at Warren First Church 4179 Parkman Rd. Warren, Ohio.