If you receive emails saying that you have won an expensive gift from a well-known retailer, it’s not a good idea to click on it. It’s likely a scam to get your personal information and money.

National tool store chain Harbor Freight is telling customers that criminals are sending emails that appear to be from their company using realistic logos and other features.

According to the company, emails typically ask you to complete a survey or fill out a form, and in return, they promise to send you something for free.

Harbor Freight says the emails are not from them, and the criminals who send them did not get your email address from Harbor Freight.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, similar scams involve a call, letter, email, or text saying that you won a vacation or cruise, a lottery, sweepstakes, or another item of value.

They may tell you that there are fees, taxes, or customs duties to pay. Then they ask for your credit card number or bank account information. Or they ask you to pay with cash, gift cards, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency.

If you pay a scammer or share information, you lose. There is no prize. Instead, you get more requests for money and more false promises that you won big.

Here’s what to do according to the FTC:

Keep your money — and your information — to yourself. Never share your financial information with someone who contacts you and claims to need it. And never send anyone cash or pay with gift cards, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency.

Pass this information on to a friend. You probably ignore these kinds of scams when you see or hear them. But you probably know someone who could use a friendly reminder.

Harbor Freight also offers advice on ways to help you avoid email scams:

Be suspicious of any email that asks for any of your personal information, any credit card number, or any password or account information.

Look for spelling or grammar errors - email scams are often poorly written.

Review the actual email address from the sender - scam emails often come from unusual addresses.

Harbor Freight says it does occasionally send out surveys but will never ask you for your credit card number or address in exchange for completing a survey.