Just months after Austintown residents complained to trustees about certain rules regarding grave site decorations in township cemeteries, trustees tell us they're "slowly but surely" coming to compromises with residents.

According to Township Trustee, Robert Santos, trustees are meeting Monday night to vote to approve one amendment to these rules regarding military medallions.

Currently, military medallions at grave sites must be made of steel, copper or metal. Medallions made out of material such as plastic aren't allowed due to the risk of being damaged be weed whackers and other equipment.

However, council will be voting to approve an amendment to this rule that if passed, would allow for plastic medallions to be placed at grave sites inside protective conduits in the ground.

Santos tells us he's confident this will be passed.

This is the only amendment on the agenda for this meeting, but Santos says the trustees are still listening for feedback from residents on compromises they can reach.

While you can talk to any of the three township trustees, Santos says Township Administrator, Mark D'Apolito is currently acting as a middle man to relay all requests back to all three trustees to avoid any miscommunications.