The Mahoning County Sheriff's Department has a new officer on board that brings a new set of skills to the agency.

From finding bodies on land and water, to helping solve cold cases, officials say they've hit the jackpot with this new hire.

"We're pretty pumped about him, he's got a great personality, he's super friendly and his training has been excellent," said Deputy Steve Lindow. 

Not all hero's wear capes, but for Jackpot, a two-year-old Yellow Lab from Texas, a tactical vest and flat collar will do. The department's new cadaver dog specializes in finding human remains both on land and in the water. 

"Unfortunately, we do have drownings every year, especially with the holidays coming up, and he could help save us some time and help pinpoint a body underwater," said Deputy Lindow. 

Lindow who has been working with Jackpot for a month now and says his nose could aid detectives in cold cases, and help bring closure to families. 

The department received Jackpot from Hollywood Gaming, who came up with the name after they purchased the dog for the Sheriff's office.