"Our church loves to do ministry on the corner of faith and life, that's sort of our mission statement," says Debbie Derrenbacher, volunteer and organizer with First Presbyterian Church in Sharon.

And so they gathered at the corner of Fifth and Fullerton to not only minister, but to make this block party part of Sharon's turnaround.

"We have been mowing the grass here and just always had the thought that we'd like to do something for the community here," Derrenbacher said.

What looked like your everyday block party is part of something bigger. The 'Lots to Love' initiative encourages people to buy up vacant lots - which this used to be - and maintain them.

"It's what we do so it just fits in with what they're doing in downtown Sharon," said Derrenbacher. 

With downtown Sharon in the midst of a huge revitalization, the 'Lots to Love' program through the Community Action Partnership is bringing that same spirit to the neighborhoods. Dozens of folks have signed up, and it's making a difference for people like Deborah Sharples.

"The gathering, the people, a beautiful day and just the worshipping of God," she said. "I hope they do it again!"

And if these church volunteers have anything to say about it, the party won't stop anytime soon.

"People were so happy that we'd come here and do this for them," Derrenbacher said.

An estimated 100+ people showed up to Thursday's block party.