The Cafaro Foundation announced a major gift to JFK Catholic School in Warren on Thursday.

Foundation Trustees awarded $400,000 to assist the school in upgrading its athletic facilities. Trustee William Cafaro says the Foundation has always been committed to helping the school succeed in its mission to provide a well-rounded experience for students.

"This donation will allow the administration to concentrate its financial resources on instructional needs and still be able to make essential improvements to its physical campus," Cafaro said.

"These funds will be used specifically for outdoor athletic fields and outdoor athletic facilities," said Joe Bell, Director of Corporate Communications with the Cafaro Company. "That'll free up funds that JFK can use for other funds, such as instructional needs."

The Cafaro Foundation and JFK Catholic are no strangers to one another, as they've supported the school plenty of times in recent years according to School President Joseph Kenneally.

"In the past, we've helped with things like providing new windows or new heating and ventilation systems," Bell explained. "Whatever the need is."

"The support of the Cafaro Foundation has allowed John F. Kennedy Catholic School, the opportunity to thrive and expand our facilities. Through their generosity, we've been able to make many needed improvements to our high school campus to continue to educate students in Courage, Integrity, and Dedication," Kenneally said.

"They [Warren JFK] don't get the same kind of public funding a lot of schools do," Bell added. "So they're reliant on a lot of the good work of foundations as well as the tuition of parents."

The Cafaro Foundation has donated over $20 million to schools, individuals and organizations since 1996.