Police have released the name of the 21 year old killed on Nevada and Jackson street in Warren, Sunday evening.

Eddie Bryant Jr. was shot at least six times, along with his 11 year old brother who was shot in the leg while trying to warn Bryant of the approaching shooters.

The juvenile has been released from the hospital.

Neighbors tell 21 News the area is usually a quiet place and that they never see anything like this happening so close to their own homes.

21 News Reporter Sydney Canty was able to speak face to face with LaRhonda McPeters, Bryant's mother, who was too devastated to do an on camera interview but said her son was turning his life around. Bryant is a father of three who went to play basketball on Nevada street with one of his children.

Warren 6th Ward Councilwoman Cheryl Saffold shared her concerns saying, "I'm devastated at the violent crime that's occurring not only in my ward but all over the nation. I will be revealing a plan in the next day or so that will hopefully deter criminal activity and catch perpetrators of violence."

Police have been tight lipped about the situation and haven't released many details, but the investigation is ongoing.