Howland Township Police are warning against a new, high-tech way that people are stealing cars. 

The way it works is one thief will point a relay device at a home, hoping the key is near the front door. If it is, the device relays a signal to the second thief at the car - who can then unlock the doors because the car thinks the key is present.

The device can pick up a signal from any key fob that's a push-to-start car.

“It could be a Kia Sportage push-to-start, it could be anything - a cavalier,” Frank Soccorsi, employee at Auto Extreme said. “If it's next to the front door they're definitely going to get your signal real easy.”

Some ways to prevent thieves from stealing your car is to keep keys at the back of the house because the signal can't reach that far. You can also keep keys in a faraday or a RFID box or pouch. 

“It’ll put a layer of protection; it's like a metal mesh lining of a sort to help block radio waves,” Jim Garrity of AAA East Central said about the RFID pouches.  

To further ensure your car isn't broken into Garrity suggests:

- Don’t keep anything valuable on the seats 

- Don’t leave your keys inside an unlocked car overnight

- Park in a garage or well lit space

- Park near a outside video camera

Howland Police didn’t say if they have seen thieves use this device in their area - but want the community to be aware so they can prevent this from happening in the future.