A self-defense workshop at the Jewish Community Center is teaching the youth how to stay alert and out of harms way.

In a world where crime is lurking around every corner, it's necessary to be alert and aware for your safety. That's precisely what Ken Mediate teaches children and teens.

"In today's age, the cell phones, tablets, they're constantly, their heads are constantly down and they're focused on things that are in their hand," said Mediate.

That lack of awareness makes them an easy target. Mediate says kidnapping is most concerning for this group, but that preparation is key.
"I come up behind them and I grab their arm and I try to pull them away, what are they gonna do," said Mediate. "There's no time to typically fight, you have to know a few simple moves to defend yourself," he said.

Abduction isn't the only thing facing younger generations today, there's also gun violence. Mediate says in some situations, these tools might aide in keeping them away from it in the first place.

"If you teach them these small skills, especially with the awareness, hopefully they can maybe get themselves out of those types of situations," Mediate said.

There will be more self defense classes for youth every Saturday at the JCC through August 26th.