With a swipe of a finger, some people living in Wellsville, can see how much soot and debris are sticking to their homes and they are blaming Wellsville Terminals.

A company that has been transporting coal and steel for 50 years. Residents say they have been dealing with the debris for the last 20 years and believe it is coal dust that is accumulating on their homes, cars and roads. Now, they want Wellsville Terminals to change how they are release their materials into the air. 

Concerned residents are forming a community safety committee with help from a legal counsel to update ordinances in an effort to regulate the company's emissions. 

The committee's legal team says they're looking to update a few of the villages decades old ordinances to include words like soot, debris and trash.

The villages mayor is on board with the potential changes.

"I don't want to run nobody out. There are two brothers that own the plant and I'm not against them but they got to have it fix," Wellsville Mayor Bob Boley said. 

Wellsville Terminals vice president says "Nothing they are doing is wrong or illegal."