A Youngstown native and mother of eight went missing about 11 months ago in Cleveland and late last month her remains were found in a plastic storage bin.

"Me and my sister was the closest sibling that I could be with a sibling," said Shamarr Little, Tyresha's brother.

Shamarr says it's been hard trying to work through the devastation and that Tyresha's oldest daughter has taken on the responsibility of planning the funeral.

Shamarr says one of the worst things about this tragedy was the thought of how she died.

"My sister was claustrophobic and she was terrified of small places. She used to tell me that if she ever died things like that when you're siblings growing up, she would never want to be in a small place," said Shamarr, speaking of the plastic bin her body was found in. "That was just one of the worst things I had to think about," he said.

Shamarr tells 21 News he tries to think on the good things about his sister instead.

"She was very kind she was the kind of person that some people called a superhero," he said.

At the same time, Shamarr and the Little family is just immensely heartbroken.

It's still unclear how and exactly when Tyresha died, but there is a go fund me in place organized by her children to help with funeral expenses.

You can find that linked here.