Foxconn's EV partner Fisker held its first-ever product showcase, Vision Day Thursday, in Los Angeles.

The electric vehicles shown during the event included four vehicles, including the previously announced PEAR which is scheduled to be built at the Lordstown facility.

During the show, Fisker CEO Henrik Fisker said PEAR, Personal Electric Automotive Revolution, is Fisker’s vision of a sustainable
EV as a connected mobility device. Fisker said that PEAR is designed for today and future lifestyles, including a front drawer and what the company calls a "Houdini trunk," in which the hatch doesn't flip out to open, but opens up and downward to allow access no matter if a vehicle is park behind you or not.

PEAR is designed for younger driver and their lifestyles, and for people living in big cities. 

The CEO said that PEAR is built with lots of flexible space and storage, holding up to six adults in a compact car. 

The PEAR will come in a six-person version and well as five-person version with a center console.

Another interesting concept with the PEAR will be the ability to folder the seats down into a bed, and offer a screen up to 17.1 inches for those wanting to watch a movie while relaxing inside the vehicle. 

The PEAR is built on a platform that Fisker called SLV-1 -Simple, Life, Volume.

PEAR reduced the parts involved by 35 percent than other EVs, according to Fisker, he said the car has a simple, clean, sculptured design.

The starting price for the PEAR will start at $29,900. After Federal incentives for buying a US-built EV, that would bring the cost down to $22,400.

The PEAR will be made available by mid-2025.

Dr. Burkharde Huhnke discussed the new technology that will power the PEAR called Fiskerblade, a high-performance computer that will be able to be upgrade, will provide multi-gigabit ethernet 5G Wi-Fi internet.

The EV vehicles discussed Thursday included the limited Fisker Ronin, an all-electric four-door convertible GT sports car; the Fisker Alaska, an  all-electric four-door pickup truck, expected by 2025 and starting at $45,400; and Fisker Ocean, coming in multiple options, expected to begin production in 2024.