In Warren where gun violence is increasing there are efforts to reach future generations so they can have better, longer futures.
In the sixth ward Pride & Joy Today, the non profit organization hosted a Stop the Gun Violence Fun Day for kids and parents throughout the city. 
Kids had an opportunity to learn archery with child archery sets.
A dance team of young girls and teens called the Trumbull County Panthers entertained parents and folks in the community, as the girls showed off their dance and twirling skills. 
A young teen also wowed the crowd with her composure and feature competitive twirling.
On the basketball court there was a basketball tournament and competition.
The Pride and Joy Today non profit invited kids, teens, and parents for a fun day and about a dozen activities.
"We had everything from a three on three tournament, and our free throw contest on the basketball court, and we had cornhole activities going on and we were also playing some community volleyball. The fire tuck was here. We did have some bounce houses and lots of food and fun," Chief Operating Officer of Pride & Joy Today, She-ree Glover said.
Glover explained they are teaching kids how to have positive interactions, to work as a team, support one another with volleyball and corn hole, with basketball and by showing respect to each other.
Pastor Paul Ringgold with Shalom Church of God in Christ said, "Our hope is to plant a seed of conflict resolution with this generation here. We realize everyone we need to speak to isn't here today, but if we can work with this generation to begin with this generation on talking things out, rather than being violent, then we've won, so we're here to make a difference in the community."
Some kids here so inspired they hope to one day sponsor events like this one day.
Pride and Joy Today will be working to make this an annual event to renew the anti violence message each year in hopes future generations will do things much differently than the violence of today.