Wedding season is in full swing with folks across the Valley getting ready to pick up their tuxedoes, but if you ordered one from American Commodore, you may have to look elsewhere.

Joe Bell, Director of Corporate Communications for the Cafaro Company has confirmed with 21 News that the Eastwood Mall location of American Commodore has closed its doors leaving many customers questioning where to go when their wedding is just days away.

Bell tells us he's just as shocked about this closure as the customers, as mall staff were given no notification of this closure.

Customers tell us they've tried to get in contact with American Commodore to see how to go about their tuxedo orders, but say their phone lines have been disconnected.

"It just goes straight to voicemail, there is nobody," said Mallory Raach, a bride-to-be. 

Just last week, Raach's fiance paid in full for his tuxedo with cash. Their wedding is next month. 

"When we were paying for our tuxes, they were saying the system was down so they couldn’t take our card and that is why we ended up paying in cash so they still took our money but we don’t blame the employees whatsoever, I’m sure they didn’t even have a clue either," Raach said.

Raach said the news started spreading like wildfire on social media Monday. 

"I actually heard it on Facebook earlier today, I didn’t get any kind of notification, if it wasn’t for social media it wouldn’t heard of anything," Raach said. 

"We're sorry that American Commodore has left its customers in this situation, but we're trying to figure out what we can do to make this right," Bell said.

In the meantime, Bell tells us that customers do have options. Bell says the Niles Men's Wearhouse location is working to accommodate for customers affected by this closure. 

21 News spoke with representatives from both the Boardman and Niles Men's Wearhouse locations, who tell us corporate has not given any set guidelines on accommodations, but the Niles store tells us they had given one affected customer a discount on a new tux.

Additionally, Rondinelli Tuxedo tells 21 News that they are willing to accommodate anyone affected by offering rentals at a discounted price. Rondinelli has locations in both Boardman and Niles.

"Our warehouse is local, so we can flip stuff same day, so again with Rondinelli Tuxedo you don’t have to worry for your special day, we will be able to accommodate you," Amy Petracci, General Manager for Rondinelli Tuxedo said. 

Raach appreciates the gesture for what she calls a very disappointing situation.

"Weddings are really anxious time anyways, there is a lot of planning that goes into it and it just makes it even more difficult because now we have to go somewhere else to try and find some new tuxes for our wedding in a very short amount of time," Raach said. 

In January 2021, American Commodore parent company Tip Top Tux, LLC announced a rebranding effort changing its name to Dapper and Dashing. At the time, the company said it would be consolidating its regional retail chains, a period they expected to take 12 to 18 months.

There are reports of other Dapper and Dashing-owned stores closing around the country.

According to NBC affiliate, KPRC, employees at another Dapper and Dashing chain in Houston, Al's Formal Wear were informed on Saturday that the stores were closing.

In Sioux City, Iowa,, Tip Top Tux and Dream Dress Express did not open their doors to customers Monday, according to local NBC affiliate KTIV.

21 News is working to learn more about the situation. Stay connected for the latest updates.