The Liberty School Board voted Monday on a settlement to end litigation from former Liberty School Maintenance and Transportation Secretary Christine Gallaugher, her husband, and five other people back in 2021.

According to current Liberty Local Schools Superintendent, Andrew Tommelleo, the board agreed to a $35,000 settlement to end the litigation.

The litigation was in reference to a case against former Liberty Local Schools Superintendent, Joseph Nohra, who was accused of secretly recording video of conversations among five school employees back in 2018 with a camera hidden in a carbon monoxide detector.

Nohra argued that the school board and its legal counsel knew about and consented to his conduct, and that it was done as part of a theft-in-office investigation of a school employee.

Nohra was previously charged with six felony counts of interception of wire, oral or electronic communication, as well as five misdemeanor counts of interfering with civil rights.

In December of 2021, those felony charges were dropped, but the misdemeanor charges all remained. However, that decision was appealed in April of 2022 and the case was reinstated in September.

In February of 2023, Nohra was found not guilty of all felony and misdemeanor charges against him, closing the case once and for all.