A fallen tree is currently blocking through traffic on Bears Den Rd. on Youngstown's West side.

The tree is blocking the road between the intersections with S. Schenley Ave and Decamp Rd, near the Bears Den Cabin in Mill Creek Park.

According to Youngstown City Fire dispatch, the department was called to the scene around 1:00am for wires down, and taped off the area before clearing the scene.

The tree appears to be resting on power lines, though no outages have been reported in the area as of 1:30 Saturday afternoon.

Kevin Flinn with the Youngstown Street Department says the tree is on the grounds of Mill Creek Park, and will therefore be cleared by park officials once First Energy clears the tree from the power lines.

In the meantime, drivers can avoid the downed tree by using S. Schenley Ave and Decamp Rd.

Approximate location of downed tree