You may have seen an electronic billboard at the corner of Market Street and 224 with messages opposing the hunting of deer at Millcreek Metro Parks recently.

The advertisements were paid for by Kathy Maine of Canfield.

"I couldn't take it," Maine said. "I needed to get some truth out in some way and that was my way, the board."

There are more than a half dozen ads that have messages that include, "It's not thinning, It's DEAD wrong," and "I wanna live and so does my Mama."

"There are so many people that don't know about it and I know when they see that, they are going to go home, get on their internet, (and say) what the heck is going on," Maine said. "I want to stop this ridiculous bull, I want the deer, I want people to be safe, I needed a voice of some kind."

Like some in the community, Maine is against the Metroparks plan to thin the deer population with recreational and controlled hunting plans.

She says after having cancer, watching videos of the deer in the park was a form of therapy and kept her spirits up.

"They gave us peace, they gave us relaxation, they took away the stress," Maine said.

Maine says she's not out to ban hunting, she just doesn't want to see it take place in Millcreek Metro Parks and her cause isn't just about the deer.

"It's about people dying and that could really happen," Maine said. "If you are put in a situation with bullets flying around your house and arrows, oh, but don't worry you are not going to die, it's BS."

Maine paid for the ads to run for four weeks and says another couple has paid to have them run another four weeks after that.

The Save the Deer organization filed a lawsuit against Mill Creek Metroparks in an attempt to stop the hunting plan. A hearing on the matter is set for Thursday.

As of now, recreational hunting begins this Sunday.