Two people were arrested on separate warrants on Tuesday after police responded to an overdose call in Boardman.

According to two police reports from Boardman PD and Mill Creek Park PD, police responded to a call at the Boardman Inn shortly after 10:00 p.m. Tuesday after a woman overdosed.

That woman was later identified as 36-year-old Sarah Drye. Police say another male, identified as 31-year-old Dennis Drye was also at the scene. At this point, the relationship between these two is unclear.

Both parties had separate warrants out for their arrest with Sarah having a warrant for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and Dennis having one for Forgery.

Sarah's warrant stems from an incident from August of 2022 when a male, identified as Sarah's ex-boyfriend told Mill Creek Park police that he and Sarah had decided to go to Mill Creek Park to walk on the trails.

Police say once the two had parked, Sarah told the male that she was going to buy cigarettes. According to officers, several hours went by and Sarah never returned with the vehicle.

The male said he did not want to press charges against Sarah, but police said that because the vehicle was registered in his sister's name, she would have the final decision on whether or not to press charges, which she did.

Sarah was booked in the Mahoning County Jail and is charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, theft, and misuse of a credit card.

Meanwhile, Dennis's warrant stems from an incident in September of 2023 when a male victim told Boardman police that several of his company's checks were duplicated and cashed.

The victim told officers he had received a call from a company he wrote a check in the amount of $816.67 to called him and informed him that the bank said that the check had already been cashed for the amount of $3,320.42.

Police say the duplicated check still contained the business name but had a different address on it.

Upon further inspection, the victim found at least seven forged and duplicated checks with a total amount of $15,446.93 according to police.

The victim told police the first check was meant for City Stone for the amount of $1,461.78 and that this check had never been cashed or received by the business, but was stolen and used to duplicate the other six checks.

Drye was booked in the Mahoning County Jail and is charged with one count of forgery.