With the United Auto Workers strike now in its fourth week, UAW leader Shawn Fain gave an update on the current status of where the strike stands after expanding the number of workers joining the strike in the last two weeks.

On Friday, during his Facebook Live update, Fain told autoworkers that General Motors has agreed in writing to add the EV battery facilities to fall under the UAW master agreement, putting what he called the future of the industry under the control of the UAW.

Fain said that this is a major step in the future for autoworkers moving forward.

Fain, wearing an "Eat the Rich"  shirt said the strike is working, and the union is heading in the right direction.

Fain said the goal is to win a record contract and that Ford, GM and Stellantis have tried to downplay the seriousness of the goals.

Dave Green Region 2B Director for the UAW said that GM agreeing to add the battery facilities is a major step for the UAW, including the Ultium Cells facility in Lordstown.

Green said that adding the battery facilities to the UAW master contract will ensure workers better salaries, job security and will help the electric vehicle future, being built by the workers who have made it their life building vehicles.

Fain said that negotiations are moving along well with all three automakers and that he would not expand the strike this week.

Josh Ayers, UAW Local 1112 Bargaining Chairman said, "The announcement today that GM agreed to place the battery manufacturing plants under the master agreement with the UAW is not only historic but monumental. The hourly workers at Ultium are ecstatic and rightfully so. This is honestly life-changing not only for our brothers and sisters here at Lordstown but also for future ev battery workers at Spring Hill, Tennessee and Lansing, Michigan."