With only their voices, their inner strength and dim lights to break the dark of night, the Lakeview community gathered Thursday to bring a week of unfathomable grief to a close.

"This light came into the darkness, yet the darkness has not overcome it," read minister Eric Phillips.

An awful crash last Thursday snuffed out the light Harmony Leige and Aliya Harvey, both 17, and 18 year old James Harrison brought to so many.
One week later - as parents who said the tragedy destroyed this small community tried to be strong for their kids - hundreds of them came together to try to put the pieces back together.

"Peering into the shadow...I believe God is found there, present even in the darkest of places," said Phillips as he read.

And on a chilly night, with only the stars and their candles to brighten their way, summoning their voices, their strength and a little light, they all did the only thing they could do to press on and overcome the darkness of their loss.

"...so like St. John so poetically wrote millennia ago...in order that even in the darkest of hours, we will find that we are not alone there," continued Phillips.

Funeral services for the three teens were held earlier this week.