New information is now available regarding tentative property values, and the Trumbull County Auditor is emphasizing that she is not raising taxes.

In a post on her website updating property value information, County Auditor Martha Yoder's headline message is "The Auditor is NOT Raising Your Taxes!"

Ohio law requires county auditors to update all property values countywide every three years to reflect recent changes in the marketplace.

You can find tentative appraisal information for individual properties by following the link below:

According to Yoder, the 2023 mass reappraisal involves a visual exterior inspection of each property throughout Trumbull County.

If you're wondering whether the reappraisal will impact your tax bill, Yoder's answer is "maybe."

Yoder explains that the process is not designed to increase or decrease taxes, but it may affect them. Yoder states that her office is required by law to carry out the reappraisal and aims to complete the most accurate and fair property assessment possible.

Taxes are established at the ballot box through your taxing district based on voter approval. Tax district information can be found at:

The 2023 property reappraisal determination involved a visual inspection of the outside conditions of a property relative to other properties in the neighborhood and other characteristics.

One of the most significant characteristics used to establish property values is recent home sales in neighborhoods.

Additionally, appraisers use neighborhood data, as well as physical characteristics such as age, condition, and home improvements, in determining market value.

Yoder emphasizes that current values are tentative, stating that pending state legislation and other factors may have an impact on final property values.

Property owners who wish to challenge appraisals may schedule a review by following this link. However, Yoder suggests that owners consider the following items before pursuing an informal hearing.

The hearing process allows a taxpayer to discuss their new value with an appraiser, who will not discuss taxes, as that information won't be available until mid-January.

Hearings will be about fifteen minutes long, held either in person or by Zoom (video and/or phone) using an Internet connection, smartphone, or dial-in by phone.

Only one deeded property, residential or agricultural, will be permitted per time slot, and discussions are limited solely to concerns about property value.

The hearing may be attended only by property owners since space is limited. Ownership of the dwelling and land must be verified.

Owners are asked to be prepared and concise since questions and concerns will be limited to only your specific property.

The appraiser will have the owner's property card and access to the recent comparable sales in the neighborhood. For a general understanding of the reappraisal process, owners are asked to review the "Know Your Home Value" resource.

Hearings will not be held for commercial properties, result in immediate value changes, or be permitted to last longer than the scheduled time.

Owners wishing to have reviews of multiple properties or commercial properties should contact an appraiser at 330-675-2893 or 330-675-2883 to schedule a hearing.

If there is merit to adjusting data and value, it will be done after the hearing and submitted to the Ohio Department of Taxation for final review.