Police have arrested a Warren woman and a teen but are still trying to find the masked and hooded man who ran toward two detectives as he fired shots at them.

A police report released on Monday recounts information from Detectives Pete Gorantis and Michael Sajnovsky who say they were driving on the 200 block of Austin Avenue NW Friday afternoon when a man wearing a black mask and red hood ran toward them down a driveway, repeatedly firing shots at them.

Sajnovsky sped away and called for backup from other officers who surrounded the home.

After police used a loudspeaker to tell anyone to come out of the house, four people exited and were questioned by officers.

Police arrested 37-year-old Ricketa McElroy and a 16-year-old girl on charges of obstructing justice.

Police searched the home but found no one else inside.  However, they did find a black mask and red hood on the kitchen floor.

Officers obtained a warrant to conduct a more thorough search of the home, collecting several pieces of evidence.