United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain updated members Friday afternoon on where negotiations stand between Detroit’s three automakers and the union, which has some of its 13,000 members on strike for a new contract since September 15.

On Friday, GM upped its offer ahead of the UAW's Facebook Live. GM said it made an offer Friday with “substantial improvement" over previous offers made by the company.

The GM offer would raise pay for most of the workforce to $40.39 per hour, or about $84,000 by the end of a four-year contract, a 23 percent increase over the $32.32 per hour that most GM autoworkers make.

The company also offered to reinstate cost of living raises for some employees, which was given up in 2007.

During his Facebook Live, Fain never acknowledged GM's Friday announcement.

He started off by talking about UAW members who work outside the Big Three and the upcoming Mac Truck negotiations and its 3,500 workers.

Fain spoke about the need to escalate the strike against Ford, GM and Stellantis. But Ford that progress has been made, removing wage tiers and COLA (cost of living taken in 2009 and the right to strike over plant closures plus immediate conversion of temporary workers. Fain also said Ford has agreed to enhanced profit sharing for its employees.

Fain called for GM and Stellantis to kick up their negotiating and give workers a fair deal. And he took action against those two companies on Friday.

He announced that Pontiaic Redistribution in Pontiac, Pontiac, Michigan; Willow Run Redistribution in Belleville, MI.; Ypsilanti Processing Center in Ypsilanti, MI; Davidson Rd. Processing Center in Burton, MI; Lansing Redistribution in Lansing, MI; Cincinnati Parts Distribution in Westchester, OH; Denver Parts Distribution in Aurora, CO; Hudson Parts Distribution in Hudson, WI; Chicago Parts Distribution in Bolingbrook, IL; Reno Denver Parts Distribution Center in Reno, NV; Rancho Cucamonga Parts Distribution in Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Forth Worth Parts Parts Distribution in Roanoke, TX; Martinsburg Parts Distribution in Martinsburg, NC; Jackson Parts Distribution in Brandon, MS; Charlotte Parts Distribution in Charlotte, NC; Memphis AC Delco Parts Distribution in Memphis, TN; and Philadelphia Parts Distribution in Lang Horne, PA are being added to the striking plants.

Fain invited families, including President Biden, to join UAW on the picket lines. He also called for UAW workers to refuse overtime, stating it is a right of the workers working without a contract.

Fain told members it was time to stand up against corporate greed.