A Youngstown woman arrested for failing to tell a sex partner that she was HIV positive had another month added to her year-long sentence after she showed up in court late and not properly dressed.

Twenty-two-year-old Caroline Weaver was scheduled for sentencing on Tuesday after pleading guilty earlier to attempted felonious assault.

Austintown Police say Weaver had intimate relations with a 21-year-old township woman in February. A couple of days later, Weaver allegedly informed her companion that she had H-I-V.

According to court officials, when Weaver appeared in court late and not properly dressed, Judge Scott Krichbaum noted that she violated the terms of her bond to appear for hearings on time and dressed appropriately.

The judge sentenced Weaver to 12 months in prison for the attempted felonious assault conviction and added another thirty days in jail for contempt of court.