Bond has been set at $100,000 for the former Hermitage YMCA CEO who is accused of spending $500,000 in fraudulent transactions with multiple business credit cards.

According to a criminal complaint, 40-year-old Robert States had spent almost $100,000 worth of YMCA revenue in unauthorized transactions accumulated through two separate YMCA business credit cards.

Police conducted a search warrant in July of 2022, where officers found and seized the first of the two cards along with a laptop used for YMCA business matters and States' cell phone according to the complaint.

Police say the second credit card was later found to have been destroyed by YMCA personnel.

According to police, the credit cards were used to purchase commodities like food, diapers, eyewear and other household items from Walmart. Police say the cards were also used to purchase various gift cards, meals at local restaurants, auto repairs, DoorDash meals and much more.

Additionally, police say State would further charge large amounts of cash on the two cards and deposit it directly into the YMCA bank account when funds were depleted and payroll had to be met.

According to the criminal complaint, further investigation revealed that State wrote fraudulent checks to the Hermitage Little League Association using YMCA funds in attempt to reimburse revenue that he had stolen.

Twenty-seven of these checks were written over a two-year period. Police say the total amount of money stolen from both the YMCA and Little League accumulates to nearly $500,000.

Furthermore, investigation revealed that various taxing entities were not receiving revenue withheld from several employees' paychecks. Police say a total of $66,918.35 was withheld from 37 different employees between 2021 and 2022 and were never forwarded to the appropriate entities.

Police say YMCA revenue was also deposited directly into States' personal bank account Police added that suspicious deposits of stolen revenue from both the YMCA and little league were made into his bank account.

Additionally, police say States took out a high interest loan of $20,000 from Reliant Funding Services in the YMCA's name without permission. The YMCA later defaulted on this loan.

Investigation also revealed an alleged theft involving funds intended for a scholarship endowment pledged through the YMCA. Police interviewed a 95-year-old victim and her family who met with States to establish the scholarship.

Police say a number of scholarships were supposed to be established for underprivileged youth in the community and initial check was presented to the YMCA for $50,000. Following that one supplemental check for $1,000 and three more for $500 each were presented.

However, police say none of these checks were used to establish any scholarship and were instead stolen by States.

Court records show States is charged with eight counts of theft, two counts of access device fraud and one county of misapplying entrusted property. He is due for a preliminary hearing in court November 16.