Township Trustees in Hubbard made their long standing stance against another injection well site official through an objection letter sent to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

The proposed well is located near a busy entrance to I-80 on Hubbard-Masury Road. The Class II disposal well would be filled with brine, a byproduct of fracking that could potentially contain toxic metals and radioactive substances.

ODNR has yet to approve the permit.

Trustees are concerned about the proposed well's proximity to drinking water. In an October 20th interview with 21 News, Trustee Rick Hernandez said "Just below this area we have little Yankee Creek, which is a tributary that feeds the Shenango river.

"For people in this area, a lot of drinking water comes from that reservoir," Hernandez continued.

The letter, dated October 26th, lists two requests from the township. The first of the two requests asks for a public hearing with ODNR, for ODNR to explain why the well is in the best interest of the community. It also asks ODNR to refrain from issuing a permit until all objections are addressed and the previously mentioned hearing happens.

It's not the first time the township has disputed an injection well in the same area. In 2018, Bobcat Hubbard LLC bought the site. At the time, ODNR granted the company a permit for the same proposal. The permit went unfulfilled after protests from township officials and community members.