An operating levy for the Lakeview Local School District in Cortland will be heading for the ballot for a fourth time in March.

According to district treasurer, Sean Miller, this is a crucial levy for the district, as the district has not passed an operating levy since 2010, meaning the district's current operating budget is not adjusted for rising inflation.

As a result, the school's funds have been decreasing.

Miller tells 21 News that originally, the district was asking for 6.8 mils, but has since lowered it to 4.9 in its most recent attempt. And while the levy will still show up on the ballot as 4.9 mils, the millage will likely be less than that due to property revaluations in Trumbull County.

At this point, Miller says he does not know what the exact millage would be should the levy pass. 

Even though the levy has failed its past three times on the ballot, Miller tells us he's more optimistic this time around, noting that each time it's appeared on the ballot, it's come closer and closer to passing. 

Residents will make their decision during the 2024 primary presidential election with voting scheduled to take place March 19.