The Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board hosted its Unmute the Uncomfortable today at Kent State Trumbull.

The event is a community conversation focused on subjects that can be tough to talk about including race.

One of the day's main focuses was suicides among young African Americans. Health officials say Black youths between ages 5 and 11 - especially boys - are more than twice as likely to die by suicide than their white counterparts.

Mental health experts say a major component could be the extra prejudice they face each day.

"There's other things that are happening. One of those things that I highlight in my workshop is that racism is something that even our children are being exposed to, they have cellphones and they watch videos and TikTok all day,"Dr. Josephine Ridley, PhD and owner of Ridley Behavioral Health said.

Congress has actually ordered the Department of Health in recent months to investigate the higher rate of suicides in these communities, and order steps to address the growing issue.