NILES, Ohio -- As Black Friday and Small Business Saturday end this year, Cyber Monday is just hours away offering on line deals.

 Although the other sales arrive first, Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest on line shopping day of the year.
Even with high inflation folks are still finding some jingle or using plastic to spend this holiday season. 
Instead of using their feet many people will let their fingers do the shopping on line this Cyber Monday.
Some parents whose kids like technology say they often get better deals for tech items on line.
"Tablets, Tv's and stuff like that, that's mostly where I do my shopping on line, better deals on stuff like that," Cody Muszik said.
Several phone carriers and stores are offering cyber deals on phones. 
Best Buy, Wal Mart and Target are other places some folks check for cyber sales. 
Advantages folks say they don't have to fight crowds and can have items delivered to their door.
Others plan on doing some shopping in stores saying they like the decorations, Christmas music and atmosphere at the mall.
A young teen named Savannah tells WFMJ News she likes in person shopping better because she can try stuff on and she can see items in person.
Several stores in the Eastwood Mall such as Macy's and JCP also have on line Cyber Monday deals.
And that has shoppers who enjoy shopping in person and on line happy. 
"We came out Friday and Saturday and now we're here again, but I like to find some stuff on line because you can't find everything in the store too, like sizes, and they have some unique on line things sometimes you can't find in the store," Allyson Frederick said. 
"Amazon I look on stores on their line sites a lot. But I do like shopping in the stores for the atmosphere and people," Kory Frederick added.
Jennifer and Meliah were shopping at the mall but say they do like on line shopping because of the discounts. However Jennifer tells us her husband does more of the on line shopping and she and their daughter do more of the in store shopping. 
The sales, deals, and discounts which lead to spending all making retail stores happy this holiday season as end of the year sales can make or break a business.