Winter weather has struck Valley roadways and that weather is believed to have caused several drivers to be run off the road in Liberty Township Tuesday afternoon.

The multi-car accident happened along I-80 near Loganway Avenue.

OSP told 21 News at least three vehicles were run off the road. At least one tractor trailer was involved that slid into the median while taking a wide turn. Other cars and vans were also seen off the right side of the road. Westbound traffic was reduced to one lane for about an hour and was shut down completely for a few minutes while the truck was towed out of the median.

The Eastbound lane was unaffected and kept moving as normal. 

A slick spot in the road and a rapid snow squall caused the incidents according to ODOT and OSP officials.

OSP dispatchers told 21 News no injuries were reported. 

ODOT officials said the road was pretreated but the snow squall caused a dusting resulting in a slippery road. They are urging drivers to reduce their speed while the snow still falls. ODOT will continue to have it's 45 crews treating the roads in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties as normal until the snowfall stops.