Youngstown native Ed O'Neill, famous for his roles as Al Bundy on Married... with Children and Jay Pritchett on Modern Family, says he's giving back his honorary doctorate from Youngstown State University.

An article from Ideastream Public Media quotes O'Neill as saying, "I've got a doctorate from YSU, an honorary doctorate that I'm going to give back. I don't want it... I'm going to start calling it Trump-U. And I think a lot of people feel that way."

The article also quotes O'Neill as saying "I know he's saying it's not political. Of course it is. If you would say it isn't, you'd have to be an artichoke."

O'Neill went to YSU in the 1960s and played football for the Penguins as a defensive lineman.

The article quotes him as saying that a process involving the faculty and students should have been used.

O'Neill isn't the only big name to voice concerns about Johnson's appointment. Entrepreneur Bruce Zoldan told 21 News he's considering removing his name from the student center currently dubbed the Zoldan Family Center.