All is well that ends well, and it couldn't ring more for this family who was reunited with their 1-year-old Golden Retriever Chip, nearly three days after he went missing.

Hailie Morgan, an Austintown resident says it's been quite the emotional rollercoaster.

"I can honestly tell you I didn't think I was going to see him again, like I was preparing for the worst.", said Morgan

The search for Chip was anything but easy. Hailie says it took a village like effort to get chip home. Through social media the word spread like a wildfire---which his how one particular drone company got involved.

"We heard about Chip on Facebook, Chip was posted across many lost pet sites.", said Zach Dzurinda, owner of Vantage Point Drone Services.

Dzurinda says helping families retrieve their four-legged family members inspired him to do drone work, having helped other families prior to getting the call from Hailee on Wednesday.  

Hailie says knowing where to start looking was the hardest part of the search, until a caller said they spotted Chip along Route 11 near the Mahoning Avenue exit on Thursday.

Her, Zach, friends, family and strangers searched for hours until an employee at a cemetery off Kirk Road a few miles away said they spotted the Golden Retriever.  It was shortly thereafter that the drone picked on Chip's location in a wooded area nearby, using aerial and thermal signatures.

After a little coaxing, all parties were able to reel Chip in.  "Seeing my dog was the greatest thing in the entire world, I ran to him and I had to sit down because I literally had to prepare myself.", Morgan emphasized.

Now Chip is doing just fine, Hailie says her and her boyfriend are thankful to everyone that helped make his return home possible.