Although Ohioans have approved the recreational use of marijuana, don’t expect to be firing one up in your favorite bar or other place that sells liquor. It is still against the law to possess or sell marijuana at a liquor establishment.

The Ohio Department of Commerce wants liquor permit holders to know that under the Issue 2 statutory language, they can still be issued an administrative citation if they allow the use of marijuana in their permit premises.

While Issue 2 legalized the adult use of marijuana, it did not change the status of marijuana as a controlled substance.

Prohibitions still apply to any permit holder, agent, or employee from possessing, using, manufacturing, transferring, or selling any dangerous drug, controlled substance, narcotic, harmful intoxicant, counterfeit controlled substance, drug, drug paraphernalia, or drug abuse instrument.

Liquor permit holders who allow the use of marijuana at their place of business are subject to administrative citation.