A Warren woman accused of running over another woman with her car and killing her has been found guilty on all charges.

According to court employees, thirty-seven-year-old Kenyanna Pennock will be sentenced on Feb. 6.

Pennock was on trial for the murder of 36-year-old Jesaree Harris. She was charged with murder, reckless homicide and felonious assault.

Deliberations took one hour and ten minutes, according to the court sources,

The charges stem from an incident in November of 2022 when security cameras at a bar in Warren caught two people, identified as Pennock's brother and Harris fist fighting.

The prosecution argues that Pennock purposely hit Harris with her car for getting into the altercation with her brother, but the defense argues that Pennock did try to stop the vehicle before it hit Harris because the brake lights came on.

The defense also argues that the fight caught on camera was an act of gang violence against Pennock, but the prosecution argues that no one was physically fighting with Pennock in the video.

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