A Poland man is being held in the Mahoning County Jail without bond after failing to show up in court to answer new charges filed after he allegedly fired guns inside his home and made suicidal threats.

Kevin Downs, 58, was booked into the jail Thursday on a warrant issued when he didn't appear for a hearing scheduled for Wednesday in Struthers Municipal Court on charges of inducing panic, using weapons while intoxicated, and obstructing official business.

According to court records, the charges stem from a January 20 incident when Poland police were sent to a home on the 3000 block of Chablis Lane to investigate reports of guns being fired inside the home.

Police said they tried to reach Downs by phone, but he wouldn't talk to them, leading them to go inside the home. While inside, officers told Downs to come out, but he didn't comply with the orders.

Court records say Downs was in the basement, and officers told him to come upstairs, but he didn't listen to them. Downs eventually made his way upstairs, allegedly admitting that he made suicidal threats to his family.

Police say Downs appeared to be intoxicated and allegedly admitted to drinking alcohol. After sending Downs to the hospital, police found multiple guns and bullet holes inside the house.

In August, Downs was indicted by the Mahoning County Grand Jury on a count of public indecency for allegedly performing a sex act on himself during a massage in Poland. Court records show Downs agreed to a plea deal on a disorderly conduct charge.

Court records show that Downs was also indicted in 2012. A jury found him guilty of public indecency but acquitted him of unlawful restraint.