Hubbard Township Trustees are considering rehiring a police officer with a troubled past in the police department.

Michael Orr was fired as a patrolman in January of 2022 after a physical encounter he had with a truck driver.

Township trustees confirmed with 21 News during a special meeting on Tuesday they are considering rehiring Orr and are looking into their options.

While the township trustees were in executive session for more than an hour on Tuesday, they did not publically discuss Orr's rehiring during the meeting.

Orr is known to have been involved in a handful of incidents during his time as an officer, which is what's led to several calls to our newsroom from residents concerned about his rehiring.

Sources tell 21 News Trustees Colletta and Tedrow are both friends of Orr. Residents who called our newsroom are concerned the trustees will decide to hire Orr, after a track record of poor behavior while he was an officer for the township.

Trustees would not tell 21 News why Orr is being considered for the open position in the department. 

Trustees would not give 21 News a timeline of if or when Orr could be rehired and refused to comment any further.