Youngstown State University has been selected as one of eight higher learning institutions to offer Ohio’s Teacher Bootcamp Program.

State officials say the program is designed to offer first-hand experiences for up to 655 Ohio K-12 educators by connecting them to local businesses so they can learn more about the in-demand skills needed to be successful in the current workforce. The program aims to help educators better prepare students for career readiness upon graduation.

"This is a win for everyone involved because we are showing teachers what a career looks like in their community so they can bring that knowledge back to the classroom and incorporate it into their lessons, teaching their students what skills are in demand to help create the future talent pipeline for businesses near them," said Lt. Governor Jon Husted.

During boot camps, educators complete related coursework and participate in business tours to learn about in-demand skills firsthand. Through these experiences, educators are exposed to new industries, jobs, and skills to use real-world knowledge when teaching their students, helping to better prepare them for a career in their community upon graduation.

The eight institutions that received approval through the program will facilitate the teacher experiences and receive reimbursement for tuition costs of coursework taken by teachers when they earn graduate credit or continuing education units.

The seven other approved institutions include: Ashland University; Lake Erie College; Malone University; Miami University; Sinclair Community College; University of Cincinnati; and University of Findlay

The Teacher Bootcamp Program aims to incentivize educator professional development and strengthen the quality of education in industries including Broadband & 5G, Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Transportation, Advanced Manufacturing, or other Trades.